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Fastrack Onboard is How to Protect Yourself and Your Business from Litigation and Government Fines by getting You Fully Compliant with Regulations.

Fastrack Onboard is founded on a commitment to support clients with a tool to manage the tremendous labor compliance workload, especially where there is a great deal turnover, seasonal fluctuations in the workforce, a significant risk of employee litigation, or a history of government audits of workforce records.

Every feature and benefit in Fastrack Onboard is the fulfillment of a client request.

“Fastrack Onboard makes labor compliance a breeze” is a direct quote from a happy client, a result that is the primary focus of our service team. While Fastrack Onboard meets and exceeds the highest standards for technical excellence, served from a private cloud, the core mission we embrace is preventing expensive errors that result from the ever-increasing demands put on employers by the government for compliance with potentially burdensome regulations.

The solution, Fastrack Onboard, makes the compliance process fast, easy, and an activity to safely delegate to subordinates and compliance managers in the field. Fastrack Onboard will empower you to streamline your compliance process and get the entire management team involved in the success of your labor compliance process. Fastrack Onboard measures your success with convenient reports and replaces paper processes with a practical tool that your team will actually enjoy using. From email invitations, compliance paperwork, and document management, to I-9 user tips, I-9 management modules, and more, Fastrack Onboard has what you need to manage your regulatory labor compliance and contingent liabilities.

Fastrack Onboard’s backstory: For years, we managed Tax Credits online with a simple fast system that applicants completed in less than 2 minutes, without the need for help pages or tutorials by anyone. Clients eventually asked if we could create a similar process to manage their labor compliance process. The world of OnBoarding Systems was, and still is, one of expensive systems without the flexibility that a fast-growing business needs. In our visits to clients’ personnel offices we encountered stacks of paperwork, and walls covered with piles of boxes full of compliance forms. After researching options available to our clients we realized we could (and should) provide a greater level of service with some planning and investment. That is how the Fastrack Onboard system came to be. Now, our mission at Fastrack Onboard is to provide you with a faster, user-friendly, accurate and effective solution for your compliance process.

The OnBoarding Challenge: I don’t know about you, but when I started making a serious effort to research OnBoarding Software the amount of information quickly became daunting. You very likely had the same experience. In fact, the more conversations I have on the topic of OnBoarding the more I realize that experience is common to nearly everyone; a blizzard of often contradictory information on dozens, even hundreds of systems promoted to support the automation of your compliance process. Of course, you need to focus on how to select tools that will make you and your compliance process effective. Let’s tackle this challenge together!

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We’re confident you’ll find, as our clients have found, that Fastrack Onboard is the system with the flexibility and power to realize your dream of the ideal OnBoarding System.


Michael Lancey, MBA, EA, CHAE

President, Fastrack Onboard

Seattle, WA