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“No more costly errors and now our Labor Compliance is perfect with Fastrack Onboard. We love the system.”

Fastrack Onboard is great at updating our hiring forms, labor compliance, and government forms when we need them done or updating their system to help support our needs. They have great customer service and want to make sure you're happy with their product.

NB - Controller

“Fastrack Onboard Insures compliance with the I-9 requirements.”

Fastrack Onboard Expedites the onboarding process, guides user inputs, limits the amount of paperwork required, and their service team is extremely easy to work with. And, Fastrack Onboard allowed us to delegate the labor compliance function to the field, which is handy since we’ll have 200-300 hired in the busy season and our office – just me and the director – could not handle the sheer volume of paperwork. Fastrack Onboard has moved all that tedious work into the field where it gets done fast, and thanks to Fastrack Onboard , it’s all correct.

KM - Human Resources and Payroll Manager

“Fastrack Onboard enabled us to lock down all systems and manage our hiring process in real time. Now, all paperwork is complete and accurate, and Fastrack Onboard integration feeds our entire back office."

Before Fastrack Onboard Team Members could work for up to two weeks before Home office would even know there was someone new that needed to be added to the system so they could be paid. Now we are able to lock down all systems; have full knowledge of all new hires in real time, paperwork is complete and accurate, and Fastrack Onboard integration feeds all information to our time clock and our payroll company. In addition, we have full labor compliance in every state, county and city; wherever there are different labor laws. And, as amazing as it sounds, Fastrack Onboard pays for itself with the employment incentives the system captures for us.

ST - Controller

"There are many onboarding companies with fancy names and over the top amazing websites but because of the simplicity of the onboarding at Fastrack Onboard, costs stay lower and I’m saving time every day.”

Not only is it faster and great at getting costs to stay lower, the functionality and user ease is on point with what we need. Plus the reliability and openness for suggestions/changes is what makes this Fastrack Onboard amazing!

MH - Assistant HR Manager

“Wow! You make labor compliance a breeze!”

Michael’s team at Fastrack Onboard met our internal and HR compliance needs. Thanks to their system, my staff is freed up to do what they do best -- hire quality people and manage compliance. I'm thrilled that this grunt work is 100% off of MY plate!

SE - Human Resources Director

"Love it- amazing !"

We have been bragging about the system to our local HR peers !

SE - Human Resources Director

“Fastrack Onboard onboarding is so streamlined it has saved me at least 10-15 hours EACH WEEK”

Before we found this solution, everything was manual. The biggest benefits to our company since moving the hiring process to Fastrack Onboard OnBoard System are time savings and error-free paperwork as well as little to no missing paperwork. I can't imagine handling HR in any other way!

MH - Assistant HR Manager

“What used to be drudgery is now a snap.”

The ease in which employees can now complete the new hire paperwork has been the most beneficial since moving our hiring process to Fastrack Onboard system. What used to be drudgery is now a snap. Fastrack Onboard listens to our concerns and problems and works to accommodate our needs. I’d advise anyone looking for a new hiring system to choose Fastrack Onboard and their very reasonable priced system, which really helps you overcome the obstacles of onboarding online.

PY - Director of Recruiting and Training

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