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Sea Change? Maybe I’ll start with the definition of “sea change” a marked change: transformation, a sea change in public policy. My point in writing this is to convey that there is a measurable change taking place in policy enforcement, frequency, and methodology with respect to labor and workplace compliance. In October of last year, Acting Director […]

One of the Most Interesting Trends I’ve seen lately is high-priced, complicated training to educate hiring managers in the mysteries of Federal Labor Compliance paperwork.  Now don’t shoot the messenger.  I’m a huge fan of an educated workforce.  My premise is that humans are by nature ill-suited to be compliance all-stars. What humans are great […]

I was asked the other day during an interview, what is the most misunderstood aspect of the labor compliance process, my answer was, “Who is criminally liable for I-9 and DHS compliance events.” Every Payroll Manager knows they are personally liable for payroll taxes, Hiring Managers rarely understand they are personally liable for labor compliance […]